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Bridging to Rio

  • Created by Holger Späing

The bridge over the canal has been opened, the Miniatur Wunderland has been enriched by (initially) 46 m² of layout space: Welcome to Rio de Janeiro!

Today, in the presence of selected press representatives, the 46 m² section of Rio de Janeiro was opened in the Miniatur Wunderland by the brothers Frederik and Gerrit Braun, Hamburg's First Mayor Dr Peter Tschentscher and Brazil's Ambassador Roberto Jaguaribe. It is the starting signal for the new South America section, which will in future include Patagonia, the Caribbean, the rainforest and, in addition, Antarctica. Before that, the bridge over the canal from storage house district D to district L had to be opened, which is also used by visitors and trains to reach the new world. On the bridge there is also a ramble called "the world from above", which, like snapshots, shows some impressions of famous places or landscapes.

We will publish a more detailed report in the December issue and a comprehensive portrait of the news in January 2022. The new section will be open to the public from 2 December 2021.

Dr. Peter Tschentscher (Mitte) und Botschafter Roberto Jaguaribe (2. von rechts) mit Samba-Tänzerinnen
Carnaval do Rio: Modell eines Umzugs mit Samba-Vorführungen in Rio de Janiero
Modell der Christus-Statue auf dem Corcovado