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Current Märklin deliveries and previews

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Two new products have found their way onto the retailers' shelves. Two more have been announced.

Märklin has delivered a long-awaited novelty with the commuter train set (item no. 81356). With it, the class 141 electric locomotive now also comes into the normal catalogue programme - in this case as an MHI special series. The chrome oxide green locomotive (era IV) has a three-car train of "Silberlinge" (silver pieces) in tow. The driving trailer with the Karlsruhe cabin may seem strange to many model railway enthusiasts, but it has a prototype that has been correctly reproduced.

With the crimson diesel locomotive of class 212 (88214) another traction comes into the trade at the same time. The well-done  branch line locomotive is a spring 2021 novelty for which a car pack (construction train) has also been announced but is still waiting. The steel-blue DB E 18 (88088) and the sliding-wall car pack (82418) - also new items from this year - could arrive at the dealers shortly.

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