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Exclusive freight car pack available

  • Created by Redaktion

A freight car set produced exclusively for the 1zu220 shop by FR Freudenreich Feinwerktechnik has now become available.

Commissioned about a year ago, Jörg Erkel (1zu220-Shop) was now able to take delivery of the exclusively produced "Car Set Era III Part 1" (Item No. 49.019.04) from FR Freudenreich Feinwerktechnik and deliver it to the pre-orderers. It consists of the following four models:

  1.     DB type "Oppeln" service freight wagon with brakeman's platform (chrome oxide green)
  2.     DB hopper car Omm 32 (ex "Linz")
  3.     F series aluminium-coloured pointed-roof box car of the FS with EUROP lettering
  4.     box car Gms 54 of the DB

 If there is sufficient interest, a second wagon set of similar size but with other wagon types is planned. It should then be possible to recreate a handsome transfer goods train.

© Jörg Erkel / 1zu220-Shop