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German class 042 in the catalogue range

  • Created by Redaktion

Even those who are not members of Märklin's customer club can already get their hands on a version of the class 41 oil multi-purpose steam locomotive.

The multi-purpose steam locomotive class 042 (art. no. 88276) of the normal catalogue programme has now also been delivered. Less than two months after the Insider Club members, all customers can now have access to a model of the previous class 41 oil. The Epoch IV version differs from the Insider model with item no. 88275 only by the second Indusi magnet on the heater side, apart from the markings, and is usually also available at a much lower price.

Also on sale is the vehicle display (89024) with eight Tempo tricycles with box body and in a new flatbed design. Eight different colours provide variety and fresh impressions.