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Lame deliveries for Christmas

  • Created by Holger Späing

Märklin's deliveries in the Christmas business are lame. Only two new products made it into the dealers' racks at all.

In an information to its dealers, Märklin itself refers to problems in international supply chains and delays in deliveries from the central Simba Dickie warehouse in Sonneberg, which now also operates for Märklin's brands. As a result, many new items did not make it into the Christmas sales and will tip over into the 1st quarter of 2022. Among the few Z-gauge new items that did make it to dealers in time are the new-molded Tbes-t-68 / Klmmgks sliding-roof/-/sliding-wall cars in a two-pack for Era III (Item No. 82153). The class 218.1 diesel locomotive in purple colouring and lettering of the seventies (88792), announced together with a Silberling reversible train as an MHI special series, has only started its journey to customers in a very small subset.