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Loco design for vehicle repair

  • Created by Redaktion

A newly designed class 218 locomotive symbolises the history and future of vehicle maintenance in Cottbus at Deutsche Bahn AG. Models will follow soon.

218 497-6 now symbolises the history of its new home at the vehicle maintenance plant (FZI) in Cottbus, which will range from steam locomotive reconditioning to ICE maintenance in the future. The highly different design on both halves of the locomotive is the result of a creative competition among the employees of the FZI. Märklin and Piko acted as advertising partners for this locomotive and will offer models in various scales. For the Z gauge, this will of course be done by Märklin, the announced model (item no. 88807) will have a can motor and direction controlled lighting with warm white and red LEDs.

© Märklin / Piko