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Märklin: first deliveries in 2022

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Three more new products arrived at the dealers since the last issue.

With the sliding roof/sliding wall car package (item no. 82155), consisting of four aged cars of the type Tbis 871 for Era IV, the latest new form in the car sector has now also reached the dealers in the second version. We take this as an opportunity to present the wagons in both versions in more detail and to test them in Trainini 2/2022. Also on sale is the five-piece "Coal Transport" car set (86311) with Falns type cars from PKP's stock for Era VI.

With the Vectron series 1293 of the ÖBB (88234) also a form novelty appeared, which literally overtook from the right: While the two versions announced in spring 2020 are not yet available, this subsequently added variant has already made it onto the shelves. Here, too, a detailed test is still pending due to a mould-new model with many fine details and newly constructed pantographs - currently planned for Trainini 3/2022.

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© 1zu220-Shop