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Märklin: more deliveries

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More Mini Club models have arrived in stores, at least in partial runs.

The friends of modern era VI have probably waited most for the Siemens Vectron in design of the Deutsche Bahn AG (88231), of which about one third of the order quantity has been delivered a few days ago. The class 796 rail bus with class 996 driving trailer, also with Deutsche Bahn AG lettering (88168), which was used in the Tübingen area at the time, belongs to era V around 1997.


Addition from 2 April 2022:

In the meantime, the class 64 tank steam locomotive (88744) from the DB's stock for early Era III has also reached the dealers in a smaller partial edition. Likewise, the TRAXX diesel locomotive class 285 in the blue colour scheme of the Press (88378) is now available.

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