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Märklin's Summer Novelties

  • Created by Redaktion

Märklin has announced its 2021 summer novelties. Among them is even a surprising shape novelty.

There are also summer novelties 2021 from Märklin for the Z gauge. In addition to the expected Märklin Magazine Annual Car 2021 (Item No. 80831), a four-axle Tad-u 961 covered hopper car in a dark blue colour scheme, the museum train starter set (81874) with a simplified version of the 24 009 steam locomotive with tender should be mentioned in particular. It will hopefully solve the lack of starter material in the near future.

Never before on offer was the Uerdingen railbus as a class 796/996 of the Deutsche Bahn AG (88168) converted to one-man operation. Old livery and new "Dürr biscuits" form an exciting contrast.

Something special comes as a one-time series for the MHI: The diesel locomotive 218 151-9 appears for the first time in a revised form with a coreless motor (88792) in purple livery with simplified "Ege biscuit" of the German Federal Railways. The prototypes were predominantly still to be seen like this in the first ten years of service, which passed the 1:220 scale by for about 30 years.

It is completed by a three-piece Silberling commuter set (87189), in which the cars have a black lower edge. The special feature here is the newly designed BDnf 738 driving trailer - the "bunny box" that has been on wish lists for years. It will be the first and so far only Silberling unit to have LED lighting for the head and tail lights.

© Märklin
© Märklin
© Märklin