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Modellbau Laffont: optimised kit

  • Created by Holger Späing

Modellbau Laffont recently presented three agricultural trailers as load for low side wagons. Now a more versatile kit has been added to this novelty.

"Car Load 3 Agricultural Trailers" (Item No. Z4901) was the name of a new item from Modellbau Laffont recently presented in our monthly issue. We suggested that this kit should not only be based on the old and long overhauled low side car 8610 from Märklin, but also take into account the contemporary wagon types R 10 and especially the still very young and very successful Rmms 33 / Klm 441. It took only a few days until it was decided to add such a kit to the range and the two necessary loading frames were constructed. In order to have as colourful a range as possible, the colours of the loads were also varied: The new kit (Z5201), which we will present in detail in the May issue, was ready.