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New in trade from Märklin

  • Created by Redaktion

No fewer than six new products went on sale in June 2021.

Six new items arrived at the dealers in the last few weeks. Among them is a very interesting set for the early Era V with the six-piece container wagon pack (item no. 82665), which mixes the familiar image from Bundesbahn times with the beginning age of privatised railways. Not only friends of the ÖBB can use the two double-decker car transport wagons DDm in Jaffa orange with Pflatsch logo (87095) for Era IV, which could be found in passenger trains and still are today (admittedly in a different livery).

The blue-grey livery of the Deutsche Reichsbahn from 1937 is worn by the express train locomotive E 18 (88083), which many friends of Era II have long awaited. The grey V 270.09 (88205) of the Schienen Güter Logistic GmbH (SGL), a locomotive of the former DB series V 200.1, is a classic of the German Federal Railways in Era VI. This is the special exhibition model 2021.

Further novelty deliveries are:

  • Annual wagon 2021 for the Märklin magazine (80831).
  • Hbbins "Tela-Kimberly" SBB sliding wall car for Era VI (82385)