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New item at IMS Modellbau-Manufaktur

  • Created by Holger Späing

IMS Modellbau-Manufaktur has introduced a small stopping point as a novelty and also four different light models.

IMS Modellbau-Manufaktur has introduced the small Haartmühle stopping point for Z gauge. This finished model is a building made of real wood. Since owner Fritz-Joachim Hüther revealed himself to be personally enthusiastic about Z-gauge, he added four light models as novelties a little later:

  •  Lattice mast light,
  • steel mast light,
  • Bw-wood mast light and
  • GA-Kassel luminaire.

Height and colour are designed according to the customer's wishes. The GA-Kassel luminaire shown in the photo gives a first impression of the design and its proportions.



© IMS Modellbau-Manufaktur (F.-J. Hüther)
© IMS Modellbau-Manufaktur (F.-J. Hüther)