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New Shorty items from Rokuhan

  • Created by Redaktion

Rokuhan has introduced two new Shorty models based on US prototypes.

In Japan, which is characterised by small flats and cramped quarters, so-called shorty models in all common gauges are a big hit. This often trivialised and always shortened rolling stock allows many people to display some model railway in the home environment. Furthermore, children are often attracted to it. Some years ago, Rokuhan expanded its product line accordingly and offers such products for Z-gauge. After several Japanese models, the US-American EMD F7 (A- and B-unit) was the inspiration for the entry into the North American, but also the European market. Initially, versions of the Santa Fa (art. no. ST012-1) and New York Central (ST012-2) are available.

Noch is sure to add them to its sales programme soon. Ex-works, they are painted and printed bodies on a non-driven chassis. To set the models in motion, powered and motorless chassis are available separately in the Rokuhan programme.

We have been told that if the market is successful enough, matching cars and conversions based on European models are also planned.

© Rokuhan
© Rokuhan