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Oberneuland windmill is going to be delivered

  • Created by Holger Späing

Faller has started to deliver the most important Z gauge new item for their actual 75 years company anniversary.

Faller has started to deliver its Dutch type windmill consisting of 213 solid-coloured hardboard parts (in seven colours) with an octagonal ground plan and a surrounding gallery with railing (art. no. 282789). The model is the listed "Oberneulander Mühle" in the Bremen district of the same name. It can be operated with the gear motor (80722; not included).

Since the design of the mill bonnet has occasionally led to criticism from prospective buyers, we are planning a construction report with motorisation in which we want to look for solutions as to how this part can be brought closer to the prototype while retaining the functions provided by the factory. In view of the situation that has already been communicated, however, we are currently assuming that we may not be able to realise this project until the 2022 vintage.

© Faller
© Faller