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Schrax: Siren Alarm in 1:220 Scale

  • Created by Redaktion

The 3D printing supplier Schrax has also produced a warning siren for Z gauge that should not be missing on any layout.

For years, the 3D printing supplier Schrax has been looking for the typical little things of everyday life that were mostly still missing on model railways but are actually indispensable. One such part is the new siren (art. no. 39220016), which could be found on roofs in every municipality in the depicted eras III and IV. Who still remembers the practice alarm, all-clear tone and air-raid drills from their school days? For many years, these familiar warning elements had disappeared until many volunteer fire brigades rediscovered them to quickly call their helpers to action. More recently, they have also been rediscovered in their original warning function. Schrax now makes it possible to take this into account on model railway layouts of many scales.