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Series 280 delivered

  • Created by Redaktion

These days the model of the 280 005-0 arrived at the dealers.

As an insider locomotive, it was one of the models that took the longest to arrive. Not quite a year after this one, an ordinary catalogue version (item no. 88804) has now also arrived at the dealers. The 280 005-0 was selected in the operating condition around 1970. The main difference to the previous era III version is, apart from the different inscriptions, the aluminium trim strips that have been removed in the meantime. In the prototype they were replaced by painted lines in the colour RAL 1014 Ivory, which can be easily recognised on the model because of the clearly different colour tone. The rather tight coupling with a new guide and the limited freedom of movement of the bogies due to the design have remained.

Also on its way to the dealers is the Christmas car 2021 (80631), a Christmas-printed 3rd class "blunderbuss" in a transparent packaging that can also be used as a tree ornament. The steam railcar type Kittel in wine red/light ivory colours of the Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft (88146) from the autumn novelties of this year will probably also arrive at the same time.