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Special items from NoBa-Modelle

  • Created by Holger Späing

A special finished model is now on offer at NoBa-Modelle, along with a new chassis that offers some options.

NoBa-Modelle now also offers its Swiss-Dutch SBB diesel multiple unit RAm TEE 502 as a finished model (item no. 5214RF) . We have tested the impressive model in a DCC sound version (digital decoder installation by Z-Doktor Modellbau) and will present it in the magazine soon.

The newly developed rail bus running gear based on Rokuhan Shorty parts offers perspectives: Correctly running on two axles, it can be used to motorise the class 701 tower railcar (photo; finished model 5223RF) just as inexpensively as the three-part version of the Uerdingen rail bus, which was in service in Spain and with the Hersfelder Kreisbahn (5224RF) with folding baltic crossings.