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Successful Bundeswehr truck MAN AE Cargo

  • Created by Holger Späing

Artitec has presented another model that proves to be particularly successful - and also comes at the right time.

We are thrilled: We are holding the truck designated as "BRD MAN AE Cargo" (art. no. 322.032) in our hands, which Artitec has now delivered and whose original belonged to the early equipment of the German Bundeswehr. Finely detailed, matt and colour-coordinated painted, it makes a very realistic impression. The model reproduces the MAN 630L2 AE 5t mil gl/glw truck, which was once most frequently used by the Bundeswehr, with a two-piece 5 m unit sprayer (from year of manufacture 1960/61), rear single tyres and a cable winch as additional equipment. Suggestions for use on the home layout will be presented in Trainini 6/2021.

© Trainini
© Trainini