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"Toy Fair Car" 2021 on its way to dealers

  • Created by Holger Späing

Even without a Toy Fair in the spring, Märklin is continuing its tradition of trade show dealer gifts. They are handed over by the representative during the next visit - so a little patience is usually still required.

The Bi-28 standard passenger car (Item no. 80131) is painted in the current long-distance paint scheme of Deutsche Bahn AG and continues the series of Toy Fair cars. Märklin is commemorating this year's "50 Years of Intercity" anniversary with the car in white paint, with a red belly band, "Dürr cookie" and basalt gray roof.

The anniversary is also printed in white on the roof. Instead of a note saying "Thank you for your visit", "Thank you for your confidence" is now printed on the packaging due to the cancelled toy fair date.

[Translate to English:] Märklin 80131 (Händlerpräsent 2021)
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