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Trainini 8/2021 (International Edition) now available

  • Created by Redaktion

Due to family reasons, there was a considerable delay in the final phase of the August issue. Now it is accessible on a large scale without cutting content.

Trainini 8/2021 is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of long-distance express trains with a wide range of topics. We look at them in model and prototype, have also dedicated a digital conversion to them and have also found two German book tips on the probably most popular locomotive that has ever pulled such trains. But we also offer a wide variety of topics, be it another book, an aircraft model that still seems nearly up-to-date, photo aids for model railways and our main topic of the year, in which the small series manufacturer Trafofuchs introduces itself to our readers.

Trainini Praxismagazin für Spurweite Z - August 2021 - Ausgabe 193 - 17. Jahrgang