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Trainini International Edition 4/2021 published

  • Created by Redaktion

Since spring hasn't really sprung yet, the hobby craft season continues. But we also have great new products to present and another manufacturer portrait that offers interesting insights.

As in the previous month, we will again be testing and presenting new products, providing a few ideas for prototypes and tinkering. This year, we are especially targeting the many newcomers and those returning to Z gauge, who will hopefully experience in an impressive way how multifaceted Z gauge is today.

In addition to two freight car models and matching loads, which first have to be assembled, we will also be presenting an aircraft model - but not just any aircraft. It has already played a special role in German history and stands for friendships between nations and cohesion. Another special feature is the portrait of the small-series manufacturer NoBa-Modelle, which gives an insight into how its special models, which are now in great demand, are created. The number of current reports and discussions of new deliveries is also impressively long.

Trainini German Magazine for Z Gauge International Edition - April 2021 - Issue 189 - Volume 17