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Useful and helpful accessories from NoBa-Modelle

  • Created by Redaktion

Every month, NoBa-Modelle are currently bringing something new to the market. Here you can read what models and tools are available in April.

A highlight among the current novelties from NoBa-Modelle is, by its model dimensions alone, the Lake Constance ferry Friedrichshafen. But there are also smaller novelties that can make just as much sense: three modern 240-litre rubbish bins, barrier and half barrier each with St. Andrew's cross or also a modern column-mounted slewing crane.

Other novelties are dedicated to the theme of trams:

  •     an articulated railcar DoT4 of the Stuttgart tramway in different versions and
  •     a tram depot (PLA print)

The creative duo now offers its own advertising refrigerator car with a NoBa chassis. In the meantime, we have learned to appreciate the new PLA-produced paint stands, of which both a short and a long version can be chosen when ordering.


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