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The world's smallest railway chock

recognised and valid world record

On 17 April 2016, Heinz O. Schramm (HOS Modellbahntechnik) clearly broke a world record that had previously existed in nominal size 1 (scale 1:32): he built the world's smallest escapement shoe for Z gauge in scale 1:220, to match the very prototypical Code 40 track material.

On that Sunday afternoon, accompanied by surveyor Axel Hempelmann (Chairman of Z-Freunde International e.V.) and moderator Holger Späing (Editor-in-Chief of Trainini), he set to work in public in the Eggelandhalle Altenbeken.

Watched by witnesses and cameras, he began cutting and folding metal until it became a tiny escapement that those present could only identify as such under a reflected-light microscope: It measured just 4.15 x 0.92 mm!

On the inclined plane at two different gradients, the little brake aid had to prove that it could safely bring a departing model freight car to a halt within a given distance.

This world record has also been recognised by the Book of Alternative Records as a valid world best.