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Trainini Praxismagazin für Spurweite Z - November 2021 - Ausgabe 196 - 17. Jahrgang

Trainini 11/2021 (German Edition)

  • Created by Redaktion

Our November issue with reader requests and continuations of two series of reports was published just in time.

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Created by Holger Späing

Bridging to Rio

The bridge over the canal has been opened, the Miniatur Wunderland has been enriched by (initially) 46 m² of layout space: Welcome to Rio de Janeiro!

Created by Holger Späing

Smallest Christmas Tree in the World

From the 1st Sunday of Advent, the recognised world record holder will be on public display again.

Created by Holger Späing

Trainini Photo Calendar 2022

The self-print calendar accompanying next year's Spur Z anniversary is now out.

Created by Redaktion

Trainini 10/2021 (International Edition) published according to plan

We have been able to completely reduce our time backlog and present you with what we hope will be another colourful and exciting issue.

Created by Holger Späing

Special wagon for the company anniversary

The 1zu220-Shop is celebrating its tenth anniversary and has ordered a special wagon with malt beer advertising produced by Märklin to mark the occasion.

Created by Holger Späing

Desired model RAm TEE of the SBB!

NoBa-Modelle fulfils a heart's desire of many Zetties with the RAm TEE diesel multiple unit of the SBB or DE IV of the Dutch State Railways.

Created by Holger Späing

Award for Usability

It was announced today that Noch has received an award for the usability of its electronic distribution.

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Created by Redaktion

Märklin's Christmas Campaign 2021

For the fourth time, Märklin is launching a Christmas campaign on 25 October 2021.

Created by Redaktion

Series 280 delivered

These days the model of the 280 005-0 arrived at the dealers.