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Trainini Praxismagazin für Spurweite Z - November 2023 - Ausgabe 220 - 19. Jahrgang

Trainini 11/2023 (German Issue): Art and Japan

  • Created by Redaktion

Japan features in two themes of the new issue, but there are also stylistic elements reminiscent of the land of the rising sun in another. But even that is only part of the colourful content...

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Created by Redaktion

Advent can begin...

Thanks to Trafofuchs, Advent also has its charms for model railway enthusiasts. 24 nice surprises are waiting to be discovered day by day.

Created by Redaktion

Many Märklin deliveries

Christmas business is picking up speed: Märklin is delivering a whole range of new products in one go. And a lot more is planned for this month and next.

Created by Holger Späing

Euromodelbouw in Genk (Belgium)

The Euromodelbouw 2023 will take place in Genk (Belgium) on 25/26 November. Z gauge will also be represented there.

Created by Redaktion

The insider model 2024

Märklin presented the 2024 Insider Club models at the trade fair in Friedrichshafen. This is a big surprise for the Z gauge.

Created by Holger Späing

Message Wagons: part 2

Märklin has started to deliver the second "Message Wagon" to the successful customers. Again it is dedicated to the artist Vincent van Gogh.

Created by Redaktion

Rokuhan: Glass train in short form

Rokuhan has produced the DB's "Glass Train", class 491, in two colour variants as a shorty. But there are other interesting things about this novelty...

Created by Redaktion

Rokuhan: the forefather of high-speed rail transport

The pioneer of high-speed transport and the ancestor of all today's high-speed railcars was the Shinkansen Series 0, which started its inaugural journey to Shin Osaka in 1964. Rokuhan has now erected a monument to this train.

Created by Holger Späing

GMmodelli: Car premiere

The Italian small series manufacturer GMmodelli Torino has now also made its car debut in 1:220 scale with the Alfa 75.

Created by Holger Späing

1zu220-Shop continues wagon series!

The 1zu220-Shop continues its series of beer refrigerator cars produced by Märklin with a still missing brand of the house of Westheimer.