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Trainini German Magazine for Z Gauge International Edition - May 2024 - Issue 226 - Volume 20

Trainini 5/2024 at the turn of the month

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Minutes before the end of the month, our May issue finally went online. But the long wait was worth it!

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Created by Redaktion

50 years of ocean blue-ivory

50 years ago, the Bundesbahn introduced the colours ocean blue and ivory. A current delivery is reminiscent of this (long unpopular) concept.

Created by Holger Späing

Do you know Nano-Models?

Nano-Models is a new car model manufacturer from Italy. We briefly present two new products.

Created by Holger Späing

Two Märklin deliveries

Two deliveries made it to dealers at the turn of the month.

Created by Redaktion

Steam locomotive class 41 coal in shops

A class 41 coal steam locomotive with a new boiler is now available in specialised shops, supplemented by another limited edition model.

Created by Holger Späing

Film report from On traXS

In a new episode on Trainini TV, we report on the exhibition in Utrecht and the unique railway museum as a backdrop.

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Artitec: Entering the world of figures

Just over a month after the toy fair, Artitec delivers the first two of its new figure packs. The result: a great success!

Created by Holger Späing

Hot cinema tip: Wunderland

The film "Wunderland" has been showing in almost all cinemas in Germany since 7 March 2024. We were able to see it in advance and are still absolutely thrilled!

Created by Redaktion

Märklin: A trio in March

Märklin has delivered three new items so far in March. We present them briefly.


Created by Redaktion

Three more Märklin deliveries

Three new Märklin Z-gauge models have been delivered since the end of last month. We briefly present the two locomotives and one wagon.