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The world's smallest beer barrel

recognised and valid world record

On 20 April 2012, the creative world record team achieved a second world record at the Intermodellbau trade fair in Dortmund under the motto "We're opening a keg! Supported by the Radeberger Group and its beer brand Brinkhoff's No. 1, the six people also dared to create the world's smallest beer barrel.

This miniature must also correspond to the large originals in terms of materials, design and functions. It was decided to choose a modern plastic barrel, which was filled with beer and sealed after construction. To prove its functionality, it was then tapped in front of the audience. A tiny drop emerged from the small barrel, clearly visible - a world record.

For a German brewery, it is indispensable that the content follows the specifications of the German Purity Law; flow improvers are therefore not allowed. That is why the rules and regulations for this world record also include this.

Drawing beer from a barrel of just 18.62 microlitres is a difficult undertaking because of the capillary effect, requiring many preliminary tests and a great deal of the specific knowledge of the people who set this world record.

For the witnesses present, the successful record was followed by free beer. Since the contents of the tiny keg would not have been enough, the Radeberger Group, as sponsor, donated 30 litres of the delicious barley juice.

The record-breaking event was accompanied by various media, including Märklin TV in episode 47 (to see an approved excerpt click on: Trainini TV episode 11). The valid world record was checked, recognised and entered in the Book of Alternative Records.

The original of the beer barrel is now in the archives of the Westhallen Dortmund and is intended for display in a company museum.

Dimensions of the barrel:
5.73 mm external height
max. 5.03 mm outer diameter

4.68 mm inner height
2.25 mm inner diameter

0.01862 ml Hollow measure