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1zu220-Shop: limited anniversary model

  • Created by Holger Späing

The 1zu220-Shop will be offering a second anniversary model from the afternoon of 25 November 2022, and it has it all again!

The most important information first: The 2nd anniversary model of the 1zu220-Shop, which was created in close cooperation with FR Freudenreich Feinwerktechnik and Trainini, will also be released in a unique edition of only 40 pieces. The number of pieces was carefully weighed up and determined between the selectable batch sizes resulting from the specifications of the etched boards and the expected market opportunities. It is clear to those involved that the number of pieces is tight, but it was the only one that was economically justifiable. And after all, an anniversary model should be something special, not a mass-produced item.

To ensure that all interested parties have an equal chance to get hold of one of the special models, the sale is hereby announced in advance. The wagon can be ordered from Friday, 25 November 2022 at 5:00 p.m. CET - pre-orders and reservations will not be accepted for reasons of equal opportunities!

This time, a Bundesbahn service freight car of era IV was chosen. It is based on the former wartime type Bremen, which was modernised after the war and, among other things, received new exterior walls. As a non-public transport wagon, it is painted ocean blue according to RAL 5020, the roof is in RAL 9006 white aluminium. This novelty has been labelled as equipment car 631 (item no. 49.342.31) according to a historical model, which perfectly complements the construction train car based on the Oppeln that was previously released at the 1zu220-Shop and Märklin's car pack 87761. The special features of this wagon are its cross over windows, which were retrofitted for this purpose, and the large axle base with wheels that protrude far out, which give it an unmistakable face. The basic form of this model was once developed for the Stammtisch Untereschbach e. V. as a club model and, with the permission of this club, is only being used for this second purpose with modified lettering. The wagon will therefore retain its distinct exclusivity in the long term.