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50 years of ocean blue-ivory

  • Created by Redaktion

50 years ago, the Bundesbahn introduced the colours ocean blue and ivory. A current delivery is reminiscent of this (long unpopular) concept.

Märklin has now delivered the ocean blue and ivory-coloured class 221 diesel locomotive (item no. 88208) to dealers. The prototype was located in the Oberhausen-Osterfeld Süd depot, which was the outgoing depot for this diesel locomotive. The prototypes earned their bread of mercy in mining traffic primarily on non-electrified lines such as the Angertal, but were also used in front of winter sports trains to the Sauerland or on special trips. The neatly painted and printed model is powered by a bell-type armature motor and has two red marker lights in addition to the three-light headlights depending on the direction of travel.