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Artitec model at its best

  • Created by Holger Späing

Shortly before the turn of the year, Artitec delivered two new products, which we can look at in detail today.

At the end of December 2023, Artitec delivered two new models: the Hanomag K5 crawler loader (item no. 322.039) including mounted driver figure and the 7-tonne forklift (322.040). These two latest models once again do full justice to the high quality standards of this brand. This can be seen in the many details, add-on parts and also the elaborate colouring, which also gives a realistic impression of operating traces. It is also worth having a magnifying glass ready for the crawler: otherwise the manufacturer and type markings are almost impossible to make out and the yellow and black warning sign on the lifting mechanism of the clearing shovel could also be overlooked!