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Autumn novelties at Märklin

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Märklin announced its autumn innovations at the in-house exhibition in Göppingen. We present them briefly here.

The "Pantone Color of the Year 2023" car (item no. 82163), which looks unconventional as well as colourful and lively and is the first model of the 2023 autumn novelties, was immediately well received. On the other hand, the Christmas car 2023 (80633) was to be expected. As a blunderbuss luggage car Pwi, it completes the last two predecessors to a Christmas train.

The class 221 diesel locomotive (88208) in ocean blue ivory is a little surprise. For the first time this class now also gets functioning red tail lights as a model.  Märklin has provided a set for container traffic (82664) as a matching wagon set. Four Lgjs 598 type carrying wagons and one Sgs 693 are loaded with various 20- and 40-foot ISO containers.

A guest worker train's prototype has apparently led to the composition "holiday train" of the Bundesbahn (81304). It consists of a chrome-oxide green class 140 electric locomotive and three pairs of By3ge conversion wagons in the condition around 1972. Locomotive and wagons bear Era IV inscriptions. The series of Aral tank cars is continued with an example in light grey colour and with brakeman's cab (82304). Once again, the adjusting plate, designated by the company as a "diamond", is separately attached to the boiler. It is also in service with the DB.

The MRCE Dispolok is the prototype of the black ES 64 electric locomotive from Siemens (88588). For the first time, this class comes into the Mini-Club assortment in a version with three single-arm pantographs as a moulded variant. The official end of the list is the pack "Bauzug EfW" (81372). The four red-brown side tipping wagons Fas 126 from the DB AG stock, loaded with gravel, are led by a class 212 diesel locomotive.


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