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Hot cinema tip: Wunderland

  • Created by Holger Späing

The film "Wunderland" has been showing in almost all cinemas in Germany since 7 March 2024. We were able to see it in advance and are still absolutely thrilled!

"Wunderland - From childhood dream to global success" is about the story behind the world's largest show layout: a rather brief excursion through the Baurn twins' childhood takes place, as this is where the basic traits of their personalities are manifested. Their role as discotheque owners follows in a short episode, as a trial build took place on their premises, which was used to recruit the starting team for the layout project.

The pair's father, their half-brother, employees of the company and the Martinez family from Argentina then have their say, explaining what makes Frederik and Gerrit Braun think and feel, how they pursue their plans and what makes the result in the form of the miniature wonderland so unique.

Two lovingly animated miniature figures form the common thread that links the individual strands of history and stories as well as vivid images of the installation into a successful whole. As such, the twins of childhood move through the worlds they have created. They take cinema-goers on a magical journey into this small world, which they are sure to remember for a long time.