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Jam-packed Trainini 9/2022

  • Created by Redaktion

93 pages, packed with exciting topics. It has been a long time since our magazine had such a volume!

In the anniversary year of the Z gauge, the topics are strung together like pearls on a string. And after our editorial team was able to strengthen its staff again in the course of the month, this now also leaves its mark in the September issue: Heribert Tönnies presents the interior work on his locomotive shed as a guest author in the broad part of his small series, while editor Dirk Kuhlmann takes a look back at the decline of the railway town of Opladen and asks what will become of it. This prototype theme also conceals many impulses for epochs V and VI on the model railway.

Meanwhile, editor-in-chief Holger Späing focuses on a topic that has probably never been the subject of an article in the trade press: What contribution to health can model railways make? It may sound paradoxical, but it is perfectly suited for occupational therapy and it is precisely this field that we have practically illuminated, combined with a small product test. One of our two book recommendations also sheds light on a topic that has received less attention: learning with and from model railways. To close the BOgen to the opening sentence, we turn our gaze to North America in the last article of this issue. We work out how the Z gauge gained a foothold there, slowly developed and finally took off for a flight of fancy. Have fun reading!

Trainini German Magazine for Z Gauge International Edition - September 2022 - Issue 206 - Volume 18