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Märklin spring novelties 2023

  • Created by Redaktion

Märklin presented its 2023 spring novelties today. We take a first look at them.

If we take the RRP as a basis, more than 6,000 EUR would have to be spent if someone wanted to purchase all the 2023 spring novelties from Märklin that were announced today for Z gauge. At first glance, the picture across all models is mixed: only two (not yet known) shape novelties such as the V 60, some long-awaited variants and also such designs that do not raise the pulse rate. We will present them all in detail in Trainini 2/2023, after we have also learned about all the features that are not clearly evident from the product illustration or the descriptions.

Klv 20 © Märklin
Museumslok E 19 12 (Zustand von 1977) © Märklin
Neukonstruierte V 60 © Märklin
Detailaufnahme ETA 150 (CAD-Volumendarstellung) © Märklin