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Multiple cantilevers from HOS Modellbahntechnik

  • Created by Redaktion

HOS Modellbahntechnik manufactures stable multiple booms for track distances individually specified by the customer.

HOS Modellbahntechnik manufactures new catenary masts with multiple cantilevers according to the individual ideas and dimensions of the customer. This is the only way to take into account track centre distances that deviate from the standard geometry or locations of the masts next to the track that have to be determined differently. In view of the costs incurred by the customer, standardised parts are used which are assembled according to the customer's dimensions using templates. This offer is supplemented by the fine but sufficiently stable catenaries of the same supplier, which provide for an overall picture close to the prototype. These parts are available in different lengths and thus also take into account curves without bending (of the otherwise usual and much too thick) stamped parts from the large-scale production.

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