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Shortly before Christmas: Märklin deliveries

  • Created by Holger Späing

Just before Christmas, but too late for the Christmas business, four new products arrived in the shops. We present them briefly.

One day before Christmas Eve, three new locomotives and one wagon pack arrived at the dealers: The class 101 with special printing "Dampfbahn-Route Sachsen" (item no. 88679) is printed differently on both sides, as can be seen from our pictures. Many customers had to wait a long time for the Siemens Vectron MS (registered in Germany) in SBB design (88232).

One unit en route to Scandinavia for transfer is Hectorrail's 162 007 (88262) - only introduced the day before as an upcoming variant of class 151 in Trainini 12/2022 - and the four-car pack (82290) for transporting Carlsberg and Tuborg semi-trailers. The Hectorrail locomotive is the first class variant to actually appear with a printed replica of the engine room interior.