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Steam locomotive class 41 coal in shops

  • Created by Redaktion

A class 41 coal steam locomotive with a new boiler is now available in specialised shops, supplemented by another limited edition model.

The class 41 steam locomotive with a new boiler (item no. 88277) is now available from the dealers. It is labelled as 41 069 of the Osnabrück Hbf depot (BD Münster) from the summer of 1960. It is interesting that Märklin reproduces a chimney without a chimney top on this model, which was typical for some coal-fired locomotives, but has not yet been proven for this locomotive. Fortunately, the 2'2' T 34 tender has obviously been reworked or moulded from a different mould, as this time the three lanterns on the rear are much narrower and closer to the prototype, which is why they look much more harmonious - our photo illustrates this in the enlarged view in comparison to the tender of the 01 147 (88011).

The Deutsche Bahn AG three-phase locomotive 120 140-9 (88529), a limited edition model in orient red livery, was delivered to the specialised trade shortly before. It shows the well-known advertising lettering "Nice here. But have you ever been to Baden-Württemberg?" on the long sides. According to the manufacturer, this locomotive was produced in a limited edition of 100 units.