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Summer slump in new products?

  • Created by Holger Späing

Only two new deliveries from Märklin made it to the dealer shelves in the reporting period.

The only new wagon that has reached the shelves so far in August is a heavy load transport wagon pack (item no. 82228). Märklin was able to deliver the complete set of four Rlmmp 700 heavy load wagons (Era IV) right away, however, and the pack is sold out ex works. The four-axle bogie wagons are each loaded with a Leopard 1A1 battle tank. The box also includes stanchions for the wagons as well as four pieces of plasticine for temporarily fixing the load.

At the same time a three-piece pack (89025) of further Leopard 1A1 tanks with different numbers on the turrets was delivered. As with the previous pack, the tanks have been very elaborately printed for a load.