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Three more Märklin deliveries

  • Created by Redaktion

Three new Märklin Z-gauge models have been delivered since the end of last month. We briefly present the two locomotives and one wagon.

The E 19 12 in blue livery with Bundesbahn inscriptions (item no. 88085) was delivered in its entirety. This model continues the series of museum locomotives and features a special paint scheme: E 19 12 was the first locomotive in its series to be painted blue, but had previously been repainted wine-red.

Looking at the b/w photos from that time, the museum locomotive then made a mistake: although it was given a blue livery, for which it had been the pioneer, the white decorative lines with the cab designations V and H were applied to it, as had been the case during the last wine-red period.

143 326-7 is one of the DB Gebrauchtzug (8843) hire locomotives that attract attention with their special livery and clear advertising message. Here, the decorative stripes on the grey paintwork are somewhat reminiscent of the "White Lady", as the demonstration locomotive for the 212 / 243 series was called at the time. The 2023 exhibition model has now been delivered in full for last year's toy fair.

The third model from the current deliveries is the Pwgs 041 (86061) freight car without a cab with lettering for Era IV. A striking feature of this model compared to its predecessor from the first delivery is a wooden gate printed on each side window.

The three replica boards are printed on the outside, which is also noticeable close up due to the printing over the frame. This is probably intended to represent protective strips that protect the inside of the windscreen against breakage when goods are placed on it.