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Trainini 5/2023: It is done!

  • Created by Redaktion

Despite two articles that we had to postpone, in the fight against time, a jam-packed issue is now ready. You can look forward to many colourful topics!

External appointments, limited free time and a sudden surge of new deliveries: Rarely has an issue given us so much time, work and also changes in plans as the May issue now before you. You can look forward to a test report of the brand-new "bunny box" from Märklin, the delivery of which has not yet been completed. In addition, we continue our annual theme and focus on nature - and with it, chaos! Our trade fair report takes you through the Intermodellbau in Dortmund and shows you everything there was to see. And in addition to the book/film reviews and many current reports, we also take you to the end of the world: Patagonia and Antarctica - located in Hamburg in this case. Let us surprise you!

Trainini German Magazine for Z Gauge International Edition - May 2023 - Issue 214 - Volume 19