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Trainini 7/2023: Holiday reading

  • Created by Redaktion

Due to our own holidays, the July issue is appearing very late. But the great variety of topics compensates with a lot of reading pleasure!

The holiday season takes its toll: the editorial plans to deliver the July issue shortly beforehand fail by a narrow margin. But anyone who takes a look at the issue will understand the time bonus we have claimed: We devote an article in detail to the emergence of the pop colours at DB, their everyday operational life and their reproduction on the model page.

And our annual theme also gets another part, which deals as extensively as before with the leftovers of people as well as nature in prototype and model. In another article, we introduce the Intellibox 2neo digital command station from Uhlenbrock, with which Zetties are also equipped for all requirements and tasks. Meanwhile, Ralf Junius looks back on a regulars' table meeting in Sindelfingen. In keeping with the overall themes of "Relics" and "Patina", we have added two suitable literature tips. Have fun reading!

Trainini German Magazine for Z Gauge International Edition - July 2023 - Issue 216 - Volume 19