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Trainini TV: Altenbeken in a film

  • Created by Redaktion

The current episode 28 of Trainini TV reports on the Z-Weekend in Altenbeken. Almost 1 hour of material has been compiled for it.

Altenbeken is not every year and this may have been the last meeting that we can report on in detail: The organiser has unfortunately decided to use one of the most popular excursion and short holiday weekends of the year, at least in 2026.

Unfortunately, the editorial team's previous plans do not seem to allow at least one person to be available for photo and film shoots without massively interfering with private time and relaxation.

So before this event possibly has to be dealt with in a short headline, please enjoy the many impressions of fantastically beautiful layouts, ingenious constructions and humorous interludes aimed primarily at children. In the meantime, we hope for a solution that does justice to the importance of this exhibition and does not allow it to disappear even further from the model railway public's consciousness...