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(Almost) there from the Beginning...

I was born in 1962 and have been a model railway enthusiast since I was a child, or rather since I was a toddler. The Märklin H0 railway transferred my impressions of the mighty V 200 of the Black Forest Railway to the carpet at home.

The Z-gauge then moved into my room in 1972, the year it was first offered by Märklin. So, it has accompanied me for many, many years and still gives me a lot of pleasure today. Tinkering and building, detailing locomotives, and much more, are all part of it, even if I sometimes don't have the time.

Photography is my second passion and fits in well with the hobby, which brought me to the attention of our publisher and editor-in-chief shortly after the first issues. Where else are there such great motifs, and where can I pass on these impressions so beautifully to so many people?

So, those many years of involvement in the Z gauge scene led me to the editorial office myself early on in the Trainini® story. So, as part of my editorial duties, I am on the road attending trade fairs and exhibitions, taking photos there, of course, maintaining old contacts, and making new ones, especially in the southern half of our country.

Since I have been working as an event photographer for years, and also as a journalist for a daily newspaper on the side, I can also bring my view of things from these perspectives well into the editorial interaction. Furthermore, I have also taken over the editing of all issues since 2016.

We are a functioning community that is constantly growing and works without many words. That's why it's fun to be part of this wheelwork. Especially when I am asked “outside” what makes our publication so lovable and worth reading far beyond the borders of Z gauge, I am proud of what we have built up here together.