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Advent can begin...

  • Created by Redaktion

Thanks to Trafofuchs, Advent also has its charms for model railway enthusiasts. 24 nice surprises are waiting to be discovered day by day.

That's a great idea: the whole family attaches great importance to having their own Advent calendar and small pieces of chocolate no longer fulfil the stated requirements. Today, drugstore items, perfume or even spices await the spoilt family members. Model railway enthusiasts and men in particular can also demand their own Advent calendar: And this is available to order from Trafofuchs! 24 small figures are now waiting to be discovered day by day from 1 December and to be developed into layout plans for layout motifs and finally installed during the Advent season.


Now that's a good idea! Regardless of whether someone gives themselves a present or receives a present, excitement, joy and creative ideas are always included! All that is required before ordering is a keyword on the desired themes or focal points of the figures. Birgit Foken-Brock will then put together everything from her large programme that will delight the model railway enthusiast.