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Current special models (Märklin and FR Freudenreich Feinwerktechnik)

  • Created by Redaktion

For the exhibition in Bad Schwartau and in the context of the spring novelties 2023, some interesting special models for Zetties have been released. We present them briefly.

This year's dealer gift from Märklin for the Nuremberg Toy Fair is appealing: The refrigerator car (item no. 80133) is printed differently on both sides. Here we show its more appealing printed surface. Almost at the same time the 1zu220-Shop delivers a new model of its beer wagon series. This time it is an ivory painted tank car with large Westheimer inscription (98198), produced by Märklin in an edition of 200.

Already for the exhibition in Bad Schwartau in Advent 2023, a GATX turntable side unloading wagon for the Nordic Rail Service (98180) appeared as an exhibition special model, manufactured by Märklin, and an attractively designed Eanos open freight wagon for the Richter Baustoffe company (49.337.11) was sold by FR Freudenreich Feinwerktechnik.


Händlergeschenk 2023 (Märklin 80133)
Sondermodell 1zu220-Shop (Märklin 98198)
Märklin 98180 © Ralf Junius
FR 49.337.11 © Ralf Junius