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Deliveries at the beginning of the year

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As soon as the Christmas business is over, Märklin's deliveries pick up speed again.

As in previous years, Märklin is delivering a number of new items to the specialised trade after the Christmas business. This year, the "Pantone Colour of the Wagen" wagon (item no. 82163) and a container wagon pack (82664) have opened the series.

This is declared for Era IV and consists of four two-axle Lgjs 598 wagons and a Bundesbahn Sgs 693. The composition is from around the mid-1980s and is loaded with 20' and 40' containers from various haulage companies.

The changeover levers of the brake system have not been colour-coded on the models, and the ends of the containers are not printed either. The four-axle carrier wagon unfortunately has the wrong bogies (correct: type 664 "Minden-Siegen"), like all its predecessors in the Märklin programme with the type Y25.

The three 20' containers from the GDR are certainly a plus point, as they represent a première in this scale. Hardly noticed at the time, they frequently appeared in the West and brought export goods to the Federal Republic, which were important sources of foreign currency for the East German planned economy.

Dealers are also currently receiving the two-part "Compartment Car" passenger car set (87042) for the DB around 1958 and the 44 1315 freight steam locomotive (87975), which is on the Märklin factory premises as a monument locomotive.

It also comes with a hard cardboard kit for the shelter that is reminiscent of Märklin H0 packaging and protects it from the weather. The locomotive model is prototypically equipped with disc wheels (front bogie) and spoke wheels (rear bogie) on the tender.

© Ralf Junius
© Ralf Junius