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Märklin: two latecomers at the end of the month

  • Created by Holger Späing

Two locomotive models barely made it into the January deliveries. We present them briefly here.

The E 41 374 of the German Federal Railroad (item no. 88355) was on the road around 1966 in the experimental paint scheme implemented by Märklin. The locomotive announced in the 2023 summer novelties and delivered just before the turn of the month is an example with five lamps, multiple nozzle fans and all-round rain gutter. It therefore belongs to era III and technically corresponds to the two predecessor models, although minor changes have been made to the mountings on the main circuit board. This model is also an excellently detailed locomotive with many attached parts, which is also suitable for push-pull trains thanks to the tail lights. The only thing that could be improved are the pantographs, which are far too large and out of date.

The Siemens Vectron MS is now also available in its attractive BLS colour scheme as Swiss series 475 (item no. 88236). The lime green on the silver-coloured locomotive body also suits the model extremely well. This fantastic impression is only spoilt by the roof garden, whose four oversized single-arm pantographs look like laundry racks on the filigree locomotive.

© Trainini
© 1zu220-Shop / Jörg Erkel