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Delivery momentum in May

  • Created by Holger Späing

With the merry month of May, Märklin deliveries are picking up speed. We put together what is now appearing on the shelves at the dealers.

First, the V 320 001 (item no. 88320), the Insider Club model 2022 for "50 years Mini Club", had to do a lap of honour. Since the models had not passed the final quality control, they were modified before delivery started today. The now delivered novelty knows how to convince and impresses with many details, a high weight and a clean painting and printing. We are curious to see how this particularly popular model will perform in the test and will probably report on it in detail in the June issue.

After two years of waiting, the "bunny box" (87189) has finally made it to delivery as a mould novelty. The new model makes a good impression and shows only a few weaknesses that can be remedied. The LED lighting at the end of the driver's cab, which depends on the direction of travel, is definitely up-to-date. It changes in separate lanterns from 3 x warm white to 2 x red. The distinctive driving trailer BDnf 738 is joined in this MHI special pack for Era IV by a silver ABnb 703 and a silver Bnrzb 719. Unusual but quite correct is the slightly different roof colour between the latter two and the "bunny box", which also show different shapes of the Ege biscuit.

Splashes of colour are provided by the two Bcüm 243 couchette coaches from the "Pop coaches" express train set (87402), which are intended to complement the MHI starter set from the 2022 anniversary year. They carry the basic colours RAL 4005 blue lilac and RAL 4002 red violet from the pop colour concept and reproduce a very rare paint scheme that was only used three times (blue lilac) and twice (red violet). The very appealing and eye-catching duo is complemented with a train run to Emden (Emsland line) by a 2nd class pop colour Büm 234 (cobalt blue/pebble grey).