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Märklin summer novelties 2023

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On 10 May 2023 Märklin announced the summer novelties. For the Z gauge there is a colourful mix to be found in it, which we briefly introduce.

Yesterday Märklin announced its 2023 summer novelties, which we briefly summarise here. The MHI "DB Netz" train set with the class 120 electric locomotive as the train horse (item no. 81528) was well received. In addition to the locomotive, this pack for Era VI contains a RAILab 1 measuring wagon and a Dienstmz 307 driving trailer of Deutsche Bahn AG. A highlight of these novelties is also the chrome oxide green electric locomotive E 41 374 (88355) of the German Federal Railways with a special colour on the frame (DB colour test around 1966). It belongs to epoch III.

With the train set "V 36 Railbouw Leerdam" (81771) Märklin turns to a foreign market. In addition to the yellow V 36 diesel locomotive, which is likely to represent a "Hippel" here, the pack also contains three turntable side unloading wagons. In cooperation with AZL another variant of the diesel locomotive EMD E8A (88625) is released. It is assigned to the American company Amtrak for passenger train service and shows their early paint scheme variant.

Meanwhile, the manufactory collector's series will be given a 7th part. The acid pot car with 12 pots (82310) has now been chosen for the bronze investment casting. As a contrast to the metal, they and the brakeman's platform are made of black plastic, the rest of the model (with the exception of the wheel sets) is made of unpainted bronze. Already looking ahead to Christmas is probably the class 50 steam locomotive in the four-domed version with box tender (88847). The round is completed by the Märklin magazine annual wagon (80833), a KLV carrying wagon Sgns 691 of the Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG) with two 20-foot containers.


Zugpackung „DB Netz“ mit Elektrolok BR 120 (81528) © Märklin
Säuretopfwagen in Echtbronze (82310) © Märklin
Dampflokomotive Baureihe 50 (88847) mit Weihnachtsgrüßen © Märklin