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Editorial team expanded: new member

  • Created by Redaktion

We expanded our editorial team to five people on 4 December 2023. Ralf Junius is a new addition.

In a group with an uneven number of people, decisions can be made more easily in the event of a tie. We also felt it made sense to optimise the exchange between the magazine and the film channel and to interlink the editorial work between the two media more closely. It was therefore logical to appoint the main person responsible for Trainini TV, Ralf Junius, to the editorial team of the magazine. This was decided unanimously on 4 December 2023, but we are only announcing it today due to events and busy schedules in the meantime.

Ralf Junius can therefore also be contacted via the editorial email address and will be involved in all future decisions. However, the clear focus of his work will continue to be Trainini TV in the future. Behind the scenes, he has already been supporting the rest of the editorial work for several months, and one of his contributions is currently awaiting publication.

We congratulate him warmly and look forward to an even more intensive collaboration. We are certain that we have noticeably strengthened our organisation and are well positioned for the future.