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New Uhlenbrock products available

  • Created by Holger Späing

Uhlenbrock has now launched its two new autumn products. We present them briefly.

In the September issue, we already briefly described the two autumn 2023 innovations from digital supplier Uhlenbrock. Now they are both available ex works. The power distributor with connection socket (item no. 20 300; rear right in the picture) enables the power to be distributed from one power supply unit to ten pairs of terminals. It can be used with many devices from the in-house range as well as with lighting products or for traction current.

The second new product called "Luisa" (62 280; rear left in the picture, front panel) enables the connection of all Loconet devices from Uhlenbrock and other suppliers with a non-grounded output stage. Luisa provides a 12 V, 500 mA power supply for the second Loconet branch. A plug-in power supply unit (not shown) is included.