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GMmodelli: Car premiere

  • Created by Holger Späing

The Italian small series manufacturer GMmodelli Torino has now also made its car debut in 1:220 scale with the Alfa 75.

After the first offering of an FS electric locomotive for Z gauge, the manufacturer GMmodelli Torino, which has been established in Italy for years, has now also delivered its first car model in 1:220 scale. This is the Alfa-Romeo 75 built between 1985 and 1993. The vehicle, which was the last construction of the traditional manufacturer from Milan before the takeover by FIAT, enjoys a cult status today. It was powered by engines ranging from 1.6 litres to a V6 with 3.0 litres of displacement to the rear axle.

The model will initially appear in red paint (item no. ME-0008/1), with others to follow. Designed on the computer, the model parts are created in the 3D printer before they are elaborately coloured by hand. The windows are transparent and allow a view of the interior, which is also reproduced. The appealing model, which can also be used in many ways outside of Italy, whets the appetite for many more new products, as passenger car models in particular currently form a major gap in the nominal size Z programme.

The manufacturer does not have its own website and uses a dealer distribution network in Italy. However, they can be contacted by e-mail (contact details on our link page) for direct orders and information.